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whole person wellness

Whole person wellness is a balanced approach to life that emphasizes the connection of your mind, body, and spirit. It considers you as a whole person, and involves incorporating a range of self-care practices into your life.


My philosophy is that wellbeing is about finding your own unique mind - body balance, which is based upon self-honesty and self-appreciation for who you authentically are.

personalized mind - body nutrition

How you individually react to your environment, your relationships, the situations that present in your life, who and what you naturally gravitate toward -- these all make up your mind - body constitution. And it is this essence of who you intrinsically are that impacts the food choices you make, and how your mind and body collectively metabolize the nutrients you consume.

This is why there is no one way of eating or "superfood" that works well for everyone. Practicing from this holistic perspective, I work with and honor who you authentically are to create an approach to nutrition and lifestyle specifically designed just for you.

Because nourishment of your body is so deeply connected to nourishment of your mind and spirit, this approach helps to gently guide you toward feeling and being your healthiest, happiest, most fulfilled self.

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