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stress, anxiety, depression

It can sometimes feel like you’re all alone in your suffering. You may not feel comfortable talking to your friends or family, or fear that they will judge you, not fully understand, or be able to provide you with the type of support you need.


I’ve created a safe, calming, and nurturing space for you. I understand, and I’m here to listen, help you process your range of feelings, and find solutions that can help you greatly reduce or eliminate your experience of stress, anxiety, and / or depression.


Talking about your ruminating thoughts, as well as finding expression for your range of intense feelings, is extremely healing, and it is vital that you take this time for yourself.


I care deeply about you, and will be right beside you to provide you with gentle guidance and compassion, as well as proven methods to help you get through this, and have the opportunity to positively grow as a result.

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