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We will explore your past and current relationships, uncovering the dysfunctional patterns that seem to emerge within them. You will learn healthy and effective communication strategies, as well as gain the insight and awareness to help you attract and build loving and harmonious relationships..  

couples counseling

Although one partner receiving relationship counseling can discover new ways of relating to and communicating with their partner and affect great change, the relationship dynamic is enhanced when both individuals come in and engage in the process together. As you do, you will naturally learn skills that can allow you to really listen to and hear each other, and to treat each other with more kindness, compassion, and understanding. As a result those loving feelings can begin to re-emerge.

what to do?

Sometimes partners come to counseling as a result of not knowing whether to stay in their relationship, or when it may be time to consider leaving. As this is a life-changing decision, you want to be able to explore all facets of your relationship dynamic, as well as your range of feelings and emotions about your partner with a professional who can provide you with an honest reflection, and ask questions that shine a light on aspects you may not be able to see clearly.

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