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individual psychotherapy & counseling

I’ve created a safe and nurturing space for you to transform and heal your anxieties, fears, insecurities, relationship difficulties, work stressors, depression, sadness, traumatic experiences, shame, and your troubling thoughts and feelings.  

going deeper

I may also guide you through the process of exploring, finding awareness, resolve, and healing from the deeper psychological issues created in your past that have been holding you back from being able to fully enjoy the fulfilling life you deserve now.

working together

We work collaboratively to help you move through and let go of painful, distressing emotions and feelings, and unhealthy patterns. Your process is unique to you, and I match my approach to fit who you are, always seeking to align with your needs. You discover new ways of looking at your life, and are then able to connect to the parts of you that are healthy, strong, and resilient.

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